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i-am-my-own---demon-deactivated asked:

K-State being good last year had nothing to do with that game against the bison. K-State is a different team this year. lol That's how college football works, you don't get to keep your players year after year some of them graduate. Also, You're team was senior laden. K-State wasn't. Do you think your bison would have been able to beat us last year?

One never knows what would have happened last year. I think it would have been a damn good game. That is in the past. I am excited about this year. The simple fact that the Bison have something like 22 fewer scholarship players, a shallow bench compared to most FBS teams and a budget a fraction of the size tells me this team works damn hard and is a fundamentally good team that plays well as a unit. They do have a lot of seniors with experience which certainly helped them come back against a younger team. I think the Bison wanted it more than K State.

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